Tuesday, March 14, 2017

103. Information in the Cloud

This blog is under maintenance due to Dropbox’s decision to eradicate its Public folder feature in 2017.

According to the announcement received from Dropbox, free accounts have until March 15 to update their links. Here’s what one of the users said in Dropbox Kills Public Folders:

"There are countless users who have been using the public folder to post images and files in blogs and forums. These aren't just worthless jokes and memes that nobody will miss if you flip the switch and break all of them. These are often valuable resources that users have created and entrusted to you to retain and keep online."

It will take some time until I manage to manually introduce the new links to the audios, videos, and pdfs I uploaded along the years. So, even if there are entries whose “static” information can be worked on, there are a great many posts that will be only partially useful without the attached media.

And time will tell!


  1. Hello, Eugenia!
    I didn't how else to contact you, so I'm writting you a comment. I'm in your classes of English C1 in EOI Sanse and I wanted you to know that my absence las Tuesday, and perhaps today, is because I had an operation last week and I'm still recovering. I hope I can be in class on Thursday. My best!

    1. Hello, Inés

      I / We'll be waiting for you!
      I wish you a quick recovery.
      All the best,