Tuesday, February 05, 2013

76. ‘Exceptional’ Human Beings: gifted or deprived?

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Follow Charlie at the Chicago International Convention and catch a glimpse of the thoughts and feelings of – according to Doctor Nemur – ‘a Charlie that did not exist’ before the operation. 
Listen to the voice of a man who came to know what being at both extremes of the spectrum means.
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How much of what happened before and after the operation did Doctors Nemur and Strauss withhold from Charlie?
Who told Charlie about Algernon’s erratic behavior?
Why did Dr Nemur say they equipped Charlie mentally for him to live a normal life – in what way did they make him superior?

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Monday, February 04, 2013

75. Know Thyself

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They say that no one can be described fully by using the well-known questions ‘What’s he/she like?’ and ‘What does he/she look like?’ It may be true, because none of us turns out to be the sum total of what the others think or say about us. 

Still, there is always a percentage of truth in the features used in that description; and, if we accept that reality has fuzzy boundaries, that a cognitive continuum can be conceived of between a bundle of features at one end and the complex domain of Man’s existence at the other, then we are ready to understand what is happening to Charlie in the following audio episodes, how it came to pass, and why he is still emotionally imbalanced.
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So, what is happening to Charlie?
How did it come to pass? What, or who, triggered his emotional turmoil?
How long does it take him to understand his outbursts? Why?
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What is it that happened in his childhood which creates that buzzing noise in his ears at certain moments? What moments is he talking about? 
Do you think that the technique of free association is helpful for him to find out who he is? 
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