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99. The Point! (VII&VIII)

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The story (and the series of posts) is coming to an end.

The final task presents you with the summary of the last two episodes of the film, from which ten snippets of text have been removed. There is one snippet too many in the key to the exercise; but do believe me, it’s a lot easier to watch the episodes and find out before checking!

but tacitly accepted by all the villagers
instead of being pointless
everything he and Arrow ran into had a point
much to his surprise
for a fleeting moment
whether it shows or not
glad that Oblio was back
which was unfolding under his very eyes
he had just witnessed
while all the others lost theirs
he had met

“Oblio was too excited by the things he had learned in the Pointless Forest to pay
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attention to the huge bird which was hovering over his head (and Arrow’s, for that matter). The bird took them in its claws and, (1) ___, Oblio and Arrow were hanging on for dear life, thinking it would be natural for them to be scared; well, (2) ___, Oblio realized he wasn’t afraid. Rather, he was glad to enjoy a...bird’s eye view over the Pointless Forest, and feel even more excited at the things he could thus see.
“How weird it seemed to Oblio that, (3) ___, all the things and creatures in the Forest always brought some point to his experience.

“As soon as the Mammoth Egg got hatched, the just born chick started cooing in ways that sounded like questions to Oblio: What? – Where? – Who? – Why? He didn't have too much time to think about the miracle of life (4) ___: there came The Pointed Man again, assuring Oblio that there was no place for him in the Pointless Forest.

“It took Oblio a good deal of trouble to recover Arrow from Vanishing Point, and the incident finally convinced him that the only pointless thing (5) ___ in the Pointless Forest was the Pointed Man.
“It was time to rest after such a long, full day.

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“And back they went to the Pointed Village, where Oblio’s mother was struggling to come to terms with the decision – taken by the vile Count, (6) ___ – that ended in her dear Oblio’s banishment. She didn't seem to have any support, not even from Oblio’s father; she was sure they should have challenged the Law. At the end of the day, who makes the laws of a country? How good are those laws, after all, and who is supposed to obey them?

“Voices outside were hailing Oblio’s coming back. The cantankerous Count was infuriated by such daring act; it’s just that the King, (7) ___, had a different opinion: the Count may have misread the will of the people as far as Oblio was concerned, since the only person in the village who flew into a rage at Oblio’s presence was him – the prideful Count.

“Oblio explained to the King that what he learned in the Pointless Forest was very important: (8) ___; therefore he must have one too.
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“And indeed, a point grew on Oblio’s head, (9) ___.

“But that didn't matter so much any more; people just started assuming that every man has some kind of point, (10) ___”.

The boy who listened to the story understood the lesson.
How about you?  

(1)              for a fleeting moment

(2)             much to his surprise
(3)             instead of being pointless
(4)             he had just witnessed
(5)             he had met
(6)             but tacitly accepted by all the villagers
(7)            glad that Oblio was back
(8)            everything he and Arrow ran into had a point
(9)             while all the others lost theirs.
(10)          whether it shows or not


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