Sunday, October 07, 2012

53. Starting Anew

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In one way or another, life goes on. Whether we agree to how it goes on or not, it will – for us too, for as long as we live.

As I said in a post from two weeks ago, a blogger’s life is not easy. It takes long hours of dedication to obtain the desired effect, sort out materials, make them be conclusive of the idea you want to get through to your readers, and – after all – expect them, your readers, to appreciate the posts and say so!

I once had a student who smiled when she answered my query:

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Do you ever read my posts? ~
Of course I do! ~
Then why don’t you comment on them? ~
Because...I don’t know what to say. Would you like me to say ‘oh, how nice, very interesting,’ and then what? ~
It’s not about that; that would be detaching yourself from the topic. The point is that you should take the idea further, and add something of your own – if it made you think, or feel something like taking a stance; participate, get involved, don’t remain on the sideline (or sit on the fence, as they say), a spectator in a crowd.

She shrugged in a kind of inescapable unhelpfulness.

So winds of change are carrying me towards a different arrangement, exactly the one mentioned in the heading. It was inspired by the very article that initiated this blog: the myth of the easy way out as regards expression. No way! Why not?

Well, because there are no two utterances which mean the same thing; there are no two words which are one hundred percent synonymous in the same context. Paraphrasing turns out to be one of the best ways of conveying the same idea in other words. Lexicogrammar is still the in thing when you learn a language. There is every reason to make your expression sound English, so feel free to ask about whatever you wanted to know and didn’t dare up till now: when there’s a will, there’s a way!
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